A report compiled by the Dutch government has estimated that combined assets in the country’s pension system would equate to approximately €50,500 per person.

Drawing on figures compiled by the Organisation for Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Dutch Cabinet found that the Netherlands had by far the most pension savings in Europe per capita. 

Switzerland and Iceland – with pension assets of €45,811 and €41,433 per capita – came in second and third place, respectively.

Other markets highlighted in the survey included the UK, with €27,366 in pension assets per citizen, Ireland (€16,155), Denmark (€16,056) and Finland (€13,855).

Pension assets exceeded €4,000 per capita in none of the 16 remaining EU countries, the Dutch government said. 

It said pension assets in Germany and Belgium amounted to €1,980 and €1,409 per capita, respectively, while France and Greece fared worst of all, boasting just €91 and €9 per head, respectively.

The Dutch Cabinet looked at the accrued pension assets in Europe at the request of Parliament.