NETHERLANDS – Dirk Witteveen, board member of the Dutch central bank and former head of the pension regulator PVK, is to discuss pension ethics at a forum next month.

The Register voor Bestuursleden van Pensioenfondsen, or Register of Pension Fund Board Members, says it is organising a meeting on 'Ethics in the Pension World' for pension fund specialists on April 27 in Driebergen. The Dutch-language event starts at 10am.

It will be chaired by Ton Kool, chairman of the foundation and former board member of the PVK, the Pensioen & Verzkeringskamer, which is now part of the central bank.

Other speakers include Witteveen and Raoul Wirtz, senior trainer of Nyenrode Business University.

“The conclusions of the round table discussions will be concluded during a joint session that afternoon and published afterwards,” said the group’s secretary Olav Loeber.