UK - East Sussex County Council is seeking managers for two mandates related to its equity allocations.

A specialist global equity managers is being sought to take of £425m (€600m) in assets, but no further information is given other than candidates must complete a pre-qualification questionnaire, which is available via its investment consultant Hymans Robertson.

Submissions in this case must be presented by May 28, 2008.

At the same time, the pension fund is also looking to appoint a specialist passive manager for a £275m UK equity portfolio which can then at a later date handle the widened mandate remit.

Applicants are required to manage pooled passive UK equity assets worth £5bn and have total passive assets in excess of £30bn.

Copies of the RFP are again available from Hyman Robertson and submissions must be returned by May 27, 2008.

Elsewhere, the University of Reading has appointed KPMG to handle external audit and tax work which includes activity related to its pension fund.