The European Commission plans to table a pensions portability directive, according to the European Parliamentary Pension Forum.
The forum said that Jérôme Vignon, director of the European Commission’s directorate general for Employment and Social Affairs, confirmed the plan at a recent meeting in Strasbourg.
It said that because “the water between the social partners has proved to be too deep” the Commission has decided to table a directive that would take a “minimal harmonisation” approach.
The forum – set up in 2003 to aid the exchange of information between the pension industry and the European Parliament – said the directive would seek “a delicate balance” between EU ‘competencies’, mobility of workers, and the so-called principle of subsidiarity, which lets decisions be made at the local level.
The group added that Vignon said the Commission is currently preparing an impact assessment study of such a directive.
“The Commission intends to send all representatives and stakeholders in the pension sector a questionnaire before the end of the month,” it said. (See page 8).