EUROPE - A report is to be produced for the European Commission which will look at the socio-economic impact of pensions systems on women.

The EC's directorate-general of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities has today issued a contract requesting tenders be submitted for a 10-month study into the effects of pension systems on gender equality.

More specifically, the report should be designed to improve the EC directorate's knowledge so it can "assess the extent to which social protection, as provided by pensions, can promote equality between men and women", states the contract notice.

The actual term of the contract will be 14 months, so the EC directorate has time to request any additional information and amendments before its contents are shared with other parties.

It is not clear at this time, however, when the report will be published and how the findings will then be used by the EC.

The contract requires, among other things, the CVs and qualifications of contracted individuals be disclosed and include evidence stating team members behind the report have at least three years of experience in analysing social protection and employment as well as knowledge of gender equality issues.

Interested parties have until July 27 to submit their proposals and the budget for this report is expected to be no more than €200,000.