The European Federation for Retirement Provision is to intensify its European Union lobbying effort with the appointment of a full-time Brussels-based secretary general in June this year.

The EFRP has already offered the position to someone but the appointment is still to be confirmed.

Colin Steward, the EFRP’s current part-time secretary general, has recently moved from the National Association of Pension Funds to specialist pensions lawyers Sacker and Partners as their information director in London. He will retain his position with the EFRP until the Brussels appointment comes in to effect.

Talking about the reorganisation, Steward said: Over the sixteen years of the EFRP’s existence its influence has grown.

We find there is a need for someone who can devote all his time to the EFRP. The job will involve a lot of lobbying and most of this work will be based in Brussels.”

Steward added that the appointment would not mean any lessening of influence for the NAPF.

“The NAPF continues to be an important player due to the extent of funded pensions in the UK. It should not affect the NAPF’s relationship at all. It still has its delegates and it will have the same information,” he said.

Sacker & Partners has described Steward as unique within the pensions law field because of his work with the NAPF’s technical team which was responsible for monitoring the formulation and implementation of the UK Pensions Act 1995.

Jonathan Seres, senior partner of Sacker & Partners, said: “Colin Steward will play an important part in the development of our client services as the Pensions Act imposes ever increasing de-mands.”