The European Federation for Retirement Provision (ERFP) is holding an international conference in Spain. Organised jointly with the UK-based National Association of Pension Funds, the conference, 'The Millenium-all change on the pension front' will take place in Benalmadena on 13 to 15 October.

The conference will address the issues of demographic change and the implications for reform into the next century, as well as examining the role of company pensions policy.

Speakers will include ERFP chairman Alan Broxson, Ulrich Jurgens of Hamburger Pensions-verwaltung, Simon Arnot of the European Commission and Philip Davis of the European Monetary Institute.

Topics will include the pensions single market green paper, fundedschemes or not, implications of EMU for pension funds and corporate governance. A long term look at the European pensions industry will be considered in 'The 2020 game'.

The conference is being administered by the NAPF and details are available from +44 171 7300 585.