EUROPE – The European Federation for Retirement Provision has said that the remit of the EU’s new pension and insurance committees could “hamper” discussion on how finance issues fit with social and labour law.

“Interestingly, the mandates of both committees prevent them from discussing social and labour law matters,” the EFRP says in its latest newsletter.

“Given that the IORP pensions directive expressly provides a framework for identifying and enforcing national rule in this area in cross-border contexts, unless a realistic attitude is taken, European pension funds will find that sensible discussion on how financial services issues and social and labour law policies fit together, is hampered.”

The EFRP says it is developing its relations with the European Commission’s two new occupational pensions committees - CEIOPS (Committee of European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Supervisors) and EIOPC (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Committee).

The federation said it has two representatives on CEIOPS and that it presented itself to the group in Budapest in May. And on June 30 the EFRP presented its EIORP concept to the insurance committee, which becomes the EIOPC towards the end of this year.

Separately the EFRP is advertising a job vacancy for an economist. “We are looking for a dynamic individual graduated in Economics/Applied Economics, with minimum two years experience in a research environment and/or financial services sector,” the ad, on the EFRP’s web site, says.