IRELAND - Less than half of employees are offered access to a pension, while just 6% have approached their employer about gaining access, according to research by the Irish Pensions Board.

Brendan Kennedy, chief executive at the Pensions Board, said: "One in two workers are telling us that their employer has not offered them access to a pension and, of these people, just 6% have taken the step to talk to their employer about gaining access to a pension."

The board urges employers to offer their employees access to a pension, saying: "By law your employer must provide you with some form of access to a pension, whether you are in full-time, part-time, temporary, contract or casual employment."

Kennedy added that the board enforces this mandatory access requirement, adding that it regards non-compliance among employers as a serious matter.

The Pensions Board also wants to encourage workers to start a dialogue about pensions with employers.