NETHERLANDS - Dutch pension funds made returns of more than 11% on equity in the first half of the year, Statistics Netherlands, or CBS, has reported.

Dutch schemes’ equity portfolio has increased by almost €34bn to over €286bn.

Profits from market movements amounted to €29bn. Almost two-thirds was made during the second quarter, which means a return of 7.5%, it added.

"By comparison, the AEX-all-share index increased during the second quarter by 4.8%, whilst the MSCI world index of equities rose by 8%.”

According to CBS, pension funds made more than 6% returns on bonds.

Their fixed-income portfolio increased by €27bn - over €13bn because of higher valuations, and €12bn from purchases - to over €232bn. "The total share of securities with Dutch schemes grew from 85% to 88%.”

"The amount of foreign securities owned by Dutch schemes, rose by €56bn to €444bn,” the CBS said. "Of the increase €30bn was in equity, of which €25bn in non-Euro countries. The remaining €26bn was in foreign bonds, of which €16bn from Euro countries.”

At Dutch insureres, foreign securities of €118bn didn't amount to more than 36% of the total assets the end of the first-half, CBS added.