NETHERLANDS – The first IPNederland Award for long-term investments was awarded in Amsterdam to SAP, the strategic equity portfolio of SPF Beheer and pension funds SPF and SPOV.

SAP was one of four nominees including Rabo Farm Europe Fund, ASN Milieu & Waterfonds and the SNS institutional micro finance fund.

SAP was started in 2009 and has since had an annual return of 13.2%.

The prize was awarded at the IPNederland congress in Amsterdam, celebrating the first five years of IPE's sister publication.

A jury of 12 chose the four nominees out of 17 contenders.

Selection was based on innovation, creativity, relevance to society and realistic balance between return and risk.

The jury also focused on impact investment.

Extra credits were awarded to funds that tried to stay clear of the dictate of benchmarks.

In total, workers in the Dutch pensions sector cast 350 votes.

They could vote by Twitter, email and text and at the congress.