FRANCE - Jean-François Rocchi has been named this morning as president of France's second-largest pension fund, the civil service supplementary pension scheme known as l'établissement de retraite additionnelle de la fonction publique (ERAFP).

Rocchi has been appointed to oversee management of the €4.8bn fund, replacing Philippe Most, who previously also worked for the €34.5bn French national pension reserve fund FRR but has now retired from his ERAFP role.

A spokesman for ERAFP confirmed Rocchi's role is to head up the board of trustees and is different to that of Philippe Desfossés, who was appointed last week as chief executive officer of ERAFP. (See earlier IPE story:ERAFP appoints Nakamura replacement)

Rocchi has extensive experience of working in the pensions and investment arena and in the civil service as he graduated from ENA (l'ecole national du administration) and previously worked for two ministers in charge of the Civil Services.

In one of these positions, Rocchi worked for Jean-Paul Delevoye between 2002 and 2004 and was at the centre of negotiations between the government and trade unions over the Pensions Reform Law of 2003, which also affected the terms and conditions of civil servants pensions.

He also served as chief executive of Consortium de realisation  (CDR) in December 2006 - a government agency created in 1993 to sell off the bad assets of Credit Lyonnais following the bank's near-collapse, among other assets.

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