EU- Member state delegations to the EU pension working group meet tomorrow to discuss the latest paper published by the Spanish presidency.

The group met at the beginning of the month to talk over some of the more straightforward elements of the occupational pensions directive. But at tomorrow’s meeting delegates are to debate funding issues and investment restrictions.

Spain’s working paper covers the directive up to article 22 and therefore lists proposals on some of the more hotly-debated and important issues that remain unresolved.

Circulation of the presidential document has been limited to the delegated but it is believed to contain some investment restrictions.

The meeting is key if the Spanish goal of passing the directive by the end of June is to be met. Although the paper is believed to be relatively moderate in its proposals, some delegations are unhappy with some of the proposed changes.

The eighty page document is described as being complicated, not least as it was written in English by a non-native English speaker.