Eurofer, the Italian railway workers’ pension scheme with €1.26bn in assets under management, has recorded positive performances for the three sub-funds in the first six months of this year, continuing on a recovery path started in Q1.

In H1 2023, the sub-fund Dinamico returned 6.33%, investing 60% of total assets in equities and 40% in bonds. The sub-fund returned 3.57% in Q1, the scheme said. 

The sub-fund Bilanciato, investing 35% of the assets in equities and the remaining part in bonds, returned 3.69 in H1, up from 2.35% in March.

The Garantito sub-fund, investing mostly in bonds to achieve returns that are at least equal to those of the severance pay Trattamento di Fine Rapporto (TFR), returned 1.2% in H1, from 1.30% in the first quarter of this year.

The performances of the three sub-funds in the second quarter of 2023 continued on a positive path because inflation and the national consumer price index have experienced a decrease, the scheme said in a statement. 

In Italy core inflation, meaning all items excluding energy and unprocessed food, was 5.2% in July, down from 5.6% in June, and the all-items index excluding energy was 5.5% last month, down from 5.8% in the previous month, according to the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT).

In July, the Italian harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP) decreased by 1.6% on a monthly basis, it added. 

Last year, Eurofer decided to terminate earlier the mandates with UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) to run the Bilanciato and the Dinamico sub-funds, and to start negotiations with Lazard Asset Management (Deutschland). 

Amundi runs the Garantito sub-fund; the Bilancito is managed by AXA, Amundi, Blackrock, DWS, Eurizon and Lazard, and the Dinamico by Eurizon and Lazard, according to the scheme’s 2022 financial statement.

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