An undisclosed insurance company based in Europe has tendered a $50m (€47.2m) global green bond mandate using IPE Quest.

According to search QN-2138, the client is seeking “high-level ESG analysis”, with a bottom-up focus.

It is also aiming to invest through a pooled vehicle.

Applicants for the active mandate should have at least $100m in assets under management (AUM) in the asset class itself and $10bn in AUM as a company.

Although fund managers should measure performance against the Green Bond Index, there is no minimum or maximum expected level of tracking error.

Applicants should have a minimum track record of three years.

Interested parties should state performance, gross of fees, to the end of September.

The deadline for applications is 11 December.

The IPE news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email