EUROPE - The European Union is tendering for actuaries to advise on three of its pension schemes for MEPs.

The directorate-general for finance is tendering for a consultancy to conduct an actuarial study into the costs involved in maintaining the supplementary pension scheme following recent changes to the salaries paid to MEPs.

As of July last year, all members of the European Parliament have been paid the same monthly salary, a change from previous arrangement that saw MEPs paid wages equal to those paid to their national MPs.

However, the tender notice asks that any actuaries calculate the impact of these changes to the supplementary pension scheme, which may soon see contributions from both the legislative body as well as its MEPs.

Additionally, pension schemes for both Italian and French MEPs are to be evaluated. Because MEPs from both countries were previously unable to draw pensions equal to those of local parliamentarians, schemes were launched that would allow them to draw additional pension payments funded by the parliament's budget.

The tender notes that while no new entitlements have been acquired in the wake of the salary changes last July, the outstanding deficit must nonetheless be covered by the parliament.

All applications should be made by 6 January next year, while additional information can be requested from the European parliament.

While submissions in all of the EU's languages are welcome, the company awarded the contract should bear in mind that the main place of performance would be Brussels.

The MEP's voluntary pension scheme has recently seen its retirement age increase to 63, a move that was then challenged by a number of parliamentarians.