UK- Robin Hindle Fisher, the former chief executive of Phillips & Drew, is leaving UBS after ten years with the company. Hindle Fisher stepped down as chief executive last year to take a year out and study at the London Business School.

At the time he was expected to return to Philips & Drew, now the UK branch of the rebranded UBS Global Asset Management.

Hindle Fisher was part of a group that came to prominence after Tony Dye’s departure in 2000. Under Dye, Hindle Fisher handled UK equities but eventually ended up as chief executive.

In a statement Paul Yates, chief executive of UBS’s UK asset management division said: “we would like to thank him for his leadership, particularly his contribution to both client retention and business development."

Mr Hindle Fisher was unavailable for comment but is believed to be keen on securing a senior post in the fund management industry.

UBS decided to rebrand its entire asset management operations and in April replaced its regional brand names including Brinson Partners, Brinson Advisors, Brinson Canada in the Americas region; Phillips & Drew in the UK and UBS Asset Management in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa.

Hindle Fisher is the latest in a series of old P&D executives to depart. Chief investment Robin Apps left for hedge fund manager Beaumont Capital last summer after P&D integrated with UBS Brinson. He has since moved to Schroders as head of global equities.

In May Hugh Sergeant, former head of UK equities, and Harinder Sandhu, head of UK specialist equities, left to join the UK team at Société Générale Asset Management, the fund manager co-founded by Nicola Horlick.