EUROPE – Fund manager and analyst ranking survey, the Thomson Extel survey, is to include the investment consultancy industry for the first time in 2002.

Says Steve Kelly, head of the survey: ”The survey started life as an outlet for fund managers in the UK to give their views on the investment banking industry. But it has since grown organically and geographically to become a pan-European survey looking at all aspects of the fund management industry. Including the investment consultancy industry seemed the logical step to take in expanding our coverage.”

Kelly points out that in 1999, 110 fund managers, mainly UK based, took part but that had swelled to 586 from across Europe by last year. “The survey in 1999 basically served the UK fund management industry, as 75% of the respondents were UK based. But by 2001, the UK only represented 31% of the 586 that took part. We had always intended that the survey become pan-European in its scope and, though we have now achieved that objective, further expansion would ideally be in Europe.”

Though Kelly doesn’t foresee any drastic rise in participant numbers, he anticipates producing a survey this year with more detailed information than before. “Overall, we are expecting the response rate in 2002 to be similar to that of last year. But what is different this year, other than including the consultants, is the depth of information we are asking participants to provide. This way not only can we produce more data but develop better rankings,” Kelly explains.

The voting period for this year’s survey runs from March 26 to May 25, with the results being published on June 11.

To vote, simply go to and register.