Fiduciary management guru Anton van Nunen has left his job as director of the Strategic Pensions Management (SPM) division at Dutch pensions provider and asset manager Syntrus Achmea.

Van Nunen joined Syntrus’s executive board to head SPM, the company’s fiduciary management department, at the beginning of 2011.

At Syntrus, Van Nunen – one of the founders of the principle of fiduciary management – was tasked with “positioning the company as a major player”.

At the end of 2014, Syntrus changed its holding structure, placing its corporate divisions – Pension Management, Asset Management and Real Estate & Finance – directly under parent company Achmea.

Johan Cras – who has had joint responsibility for fiduciary advice since October 2012 – has now taken on Van Nunen’s position.

Van Nunen described his successor as “an excellent person in the right spot” and said Syntrus could not find a better suited person for the role.

He said he would now relaunch his consultancy, which he quit following his appointment at Syntrus in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

However, he added that he would still do the “odd job” at Syntrus.