EUROPE – There have been five new mandates tendered via IPE-Quest, one from a Scandinavian industry-wide pension fund and four from a Swiss corporate pension fund.

Alexander Dimai of Swiss consultant Complementa has tendered four mandates on behalf of a Swiss corporate pension fund client.

The first is for global investment grade debt, excluding Swiss franc-denominated bonds, worth over 50 million US dollars.

The preferred benchmark will be the Salomon World Government Bond Index but managers are not expected to submit data for portfolios managed against this benchmark.

Next is a global equities mandate benchmarked against the MSCI World index worth 10-50 million dollars.

The fund also seeks a manager for Swiss franc-denominated investment grade debt, worth more than 50 million dollars and benchmarked against the SBI Total Return.

The final mandate is for more than 50 million dollars in Swiss equities, benchmarked against the SPI Index. All the Swiss mandates have a strict requirement for a minimum four-year track record and close on July 9.

Meanwhile an industry-wide pension fund in Scandinavia has tendered a 50 million dollar active global high yield debt mandate via the system.

The preferred benchmark is the JP Morgan Global High Yield Index and a minimum three-year track record is required – and five-year track record is preferred.

A segregated account is required and no derivatives are allowed. The closing date is July 25.