IPE – Ruud Lubbers, the longest serving Dutch prime minister and a former UN High Commissioner of Refugees, will address the European pensions industry at IPE's annual Awards Seminar in Copenhagen on 29 November.

IPE's event is the largest gathering of pension investors in Europe, with more than 600 pension funds, their asset managers and advisers in attendance at the conference and subsequent awards ceremony. 

Last year in Brussels, approximately one-third of Europe's pension assets were represented at the event.

Responsible investment and sustainability of the financial system are important themes at this year's event.

Lubbers is an expert in the field – a former Harvard professor, he is considered a globalisation expert.

In addition to his political roles, he has gained wide recognition as a champion of sustainability and is an influential ambassador and honorary co-chair of the Earth Chapter Initiative.

The importance of sustainability and the role pension funds can play in promoting it is further demonstrated by a keynote speech by EU commissioner for Climate Action Connie Hedegaard, while sustainability of the financial sector is at issue in a debate regarding the need for stricter regulation between APG chief legal counsel Guus Warringa and hedge fund/private equity investor Bob Swarup.

Pension fund executives may be eligible for free accommodation and reimbursement of travel expenses, to a maximum of €500 per person.

Please contact Yvonne Cooke for details at yvonne.cooke@ipe.com.