UK - Peter Scales, former CEO of the London Pensions Fund Authority (LPFA), will be honoured with the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to local government after a 41 year career in local government finance.

"I am very pleased about it," Scales told IPE. "But it is also for the LPFA, it also reflects on what they are doing."

Scales, who had been CEO of the LPFA for more than 15 years, passed on leadership of the £3.5bn (€5bn) authority to Mike Taylor in mid-September last year.

"We are all thrilled for Peter," Taylor commented on the news. "The LPFA staff feel that this honour is richly deserved."

Scales started work in 1965 as a clerical officer in the investment division of the pension fund when it was still part of the Greater London council.  In 1986 when the GLC was abolished, he became responsible for helping to wind up its financial affairs, including the pension fund, and in 1989 he became the CEO of the newly created LPFA.