NETHERLANDS - Jean Frijns, former head of investments at ABP, has stepped down as member of the supervisory board at the Dutch bank Kempen. Following Kempen's takeover by Van Lanschot, the whole board resigned at the end of 2006.

"The resignation has taken place in mutual agreement," a spokesman for Van Lanschot told IPE. He explained that Frijns will not stay on at Kempen/Van Lanschot in any advisory or other role.

Three members of the board of managing directors at Van Lanschot have been appointed as the new supervisory board at Kempen: Floris Deckers (chairman), Paul Loven and Peter Zwart.

Hanso Idzerda, also managing director at Van Lanschot, has been appointed to Kempen's management board. In turn, Ieko Sevinga, chairman of the management board at Kempen, was appointed to the board of managing directors at Van Lanschot.

The banks also reported that as of January 2 all shares of Kempen were transferred to Van Lanschot.