FTSE Group has unveiled a new UK commercial property index series. A group spokesman described it as: "A new set of tools for investors, companies and advisers, the series will provide daily index measures for retail, office, and industrial property across the UK."

The indices are constructed using performance figures from a property fund, which FTSE has licensed MSS Capital to create and manage.

MSS Capital said: "These indices are designed to allow a new generation of investment products, enabling institutional and private investor access to this sector.

"Unlike other real estate indices the FTSE UK Commercial Property Index Series reflects the real investment performance of property assets themselves, not property-related equities, property-bonds or other securities that do not demonstrate the same risk-return and low-volatility characteristics of prime investment properties.

"The performance data for the indices is derived directly from a dedicated fund, set-up and managed to provide diverse and representative exposure in segregated sub-funds in retail, office and industrial property."

The indices went live on 26 June and

l FTSE UK All Property Index (composite)

l FTSE UK Retail Property Index (segment)

l FTSE UK Office Property Index (segment)

l FTSE UK Industrial Property Index (segment)