NETHERLANDS – Amin Mansour, founder of FundPartners, is leaving to join a private bank.

“I would like to let you know that as of September 30 I will no longer be working at FundPartners,” Mansour said.

“Although it was a difficult step to leave the company I co-founded, it was something well considered and fortunately done in good harmony with my partners. I wish them every success for the future.”

FundPartners’ chief executive Jeroen Tielman said he would personally take up Mansour’s duties until a replacement is found. He added the firm is in the middle of launching a new liability based pension product concept.

Mansour told IPE: “FundPartners represented for me innovation in the Dutch pension industry in many aspects. We were supported in that view by wonderful shareholders like PGGM and NIB, who subscribed to our ideas.

“However, I also found out that building a scalable business out of our innovative ideas in the pension industry is difficult to do in a market that knows only consultants or asset managers.

“Notwithstanding this I have enjoyed the past four years to the max and cherish the contacts in the pension industry I have built from scratch.”

He added he would be joining the management team of Dutch private bank Effectenbank Stroeve, which is part of Rabobank, as managing director of its securities business.