GERMANY – The hitherto disappointing German private equity market is entering a transition phase that will lead to a more sustainable and attractive investment environment, despite a slowdown in the growth of private equity assets last year, says a report by AltAssets, the alternative investments research company.

The report suggests that the drivers for a strong pick-up in growth are now in place but the resulting market will be distinct from the Anglo-Saxon model.

The most important driver has been the restructuring seen in some of Germany’s largest companies, whereby non-core assets have been divested and the complicated network of shareholdings that used to be common in Germany is being straightened out, says AltAssets.

Other factors highlighted by the research include the euro and tax reforms, particularly of capital tax gains, which could potentially stimulate growth in the number of investment managers and investors participating in buy-outs and buy-ins in Germany.

Pension funds in particular could become active in private equity, AltAsets suggests, encouraged by the new pensions reform in Germany and the removal of obstacles to invest in equities.