GERMANY/ITALY – German institutional shareholders’ association, the Vereinigung Institutioneller Privatanlager, has set up a corporate governance institute in Florence.

The Club of Florence - International Institute for Good Corporate Governance was set up this week in the Italian city.

“The Association shall have the object of supporting and promoting scientific research and disseminating the results of the same, including through publications, in the field of corporate governance,” says the institute’s charter.

The club aims to study “the rights, duties and interests of shareholders, as well as the degree of their involvement (shareholder engagement), and analyse and define the meaning and advantages of good corporate governance”.

“Particular attention will be paid to institutional investors and investment funds for pension purposes, to verify their internal and external structures and their operation from the viewpoint of application of the rules of good corporate governance, the guarantees furnished to the beneficial owners and the sustainability of the amounts invested.”

The club will be chaired by VIP’s founder, Hans Martin Buhlmann. He said: “The Club of Florence will be the basis for exchanging ideas, research and information while being embedded in the history of the Medici and the culture of Tuscany.”