EUROPE – Greece has included pensions viability amongst a set of problems such as organised crime and immigration that it says the European Union must tackle in order to re-establish a climate of “security and confidence” for its citizens.

Greece, which takes over the presidency of the European Union from Denmark on January 1, says pensions security is one aspect of a wider set of security and confidence issues facing the bloc.

“Whether this involves fighting terrorism and organised crime, controlling the flow of immigration, protecting workers health and safety, ensuring the viability of pension schemes, or food safety and consumer protection, the European Union must re-establish a climate of security and confidence,” Greece says.

The remarks come in a statement of its objectives for the presidency.

“Member states should take specific steps in the matter of pensions, maintaining the systems’ capacity to attain their social objectives, whilst safeguarding the stability and viability of public finance,” the statement adds. The Greek presidency aims to “draw appropriate conclusions” from the Commission’s report on pensions and to update regulation on the coordination of pension schemes.

“In particular, with regard to pensions, the Greek presidency will look for methods of applying a uniform process in this sector,” the statement continues.