EUROPE- Goldman Sachs Asset Management has named Philip Moffitt as the new co-head of the London-based global fixed income and currency team alongside Andrew Wilson. Moffit joined Goldman Sachs three years ago as a senior portfolio manager in the currency team.

In addition, Moffit, Hywel George, David Dick and Axel Horger have been promoted to managing director taking the total number in Europe to seventeen.

George and Dick are co-heads of UK and European equity. GSAM’s European equity team focuses on UK, continental European and pan-European equity strategies and manages a total of $17bn in assets.

Horger joined GSAM in 1998 and now heads German region business development and marketing. He is also general manager of Goldman Sachs Investment Management in Germany which now runs 4 billion Euros.

Suzanne Donohoe, co-head of Goldman Sachs AM’s European operations says the promotions support initiatives in global fixed income and currency, UK and European equities and the distribution business in Germany.