Hewitt has started 1998 on a good footing with the recent win of a multi-million pound" pensions administration mandate from a "major organisation" in the UK. Hewitts will be outsourced responsibility for the client's entire benefits administration which Hewitts will manage on its in-house TBA system, marking the first European win in that area for the consultancy. Hewitt has been present in the European market for approximately 14 years and has 17 offices across Europe all providing actuarial capabilities to a pension fund client base which forms approximately 40% of Hewitt's entire European customer base. Hewitt has positioned itself very much in the multinational arena, with its history of setting up in new markets being more of a reaction to the client than a proactive exploration of new areas. Slovenia is an example of such a market which Hewitt ventured into 18 months ago, following in the footsteps of a US multinational, though the consultant has remained there following new business developments. The key areas of the consultancy's competency encompass compensation strategy, HR systems, organisational strategy and a benefits practice which focuses on the business strategy, cost modelling, and compensation issues. The actuarial and benefits compensation side of the business is the real money earner, but Hewitt sees investment consulting very much as the 'area for improvement'. The manager research capabilities are currently limited and will be subject to some investment to expand the business."