NETHERLANDS - Nick van Nifterick, senior portfolio manager of the €2bn Dutch hotel and catering scheme Pensioenfonds Horeca en Catering, has resigned.

He has been appointed equity analyst at the mid-sized private portfolio management firm Wijs & van Oostveen, based in Amsterdam.

Van Nifterick, who joined Horeca in September 2004, started at Wijs & van Oostveen on 24 October. He is one of four analysts, but does not head up any team.

He told IPE that he was excited about his new position because he would be closer to the markets – a key factor behind his move.

“I am looking forward to my new responsibilities and advising private clients again,” he added.

Prior to joining Horeca, van Nifterick was the portfolio manager for fixed income at the Gist Brocades pension fund, which merged with DSM. He was at Gist Brocades for approximately a year and a half.

Horeca told IPE that van Nifterick’s position has not yet been filled but that a specialist firm is currently looking for a replacement.

In the meantime, his responsibilities will be taken over by his colleague Petra Blonk, Horeca managing director Eric Uijen and one other person in the fund.