NETHERLANDS - Horeca, the €2bn industry-wide fund for the Dutch hotel and catering sector, has launched a website for the large group of 21 to 25-years-olds working in the catering industry.

Since decreasing the minimum age for accession to a pension at the beginning of this year from 25 to 21, the fund's active members under the age of 25 has shot up to nearly 36%.

"The hotel, restaurant and catering industry is traditionally a sector in which many young people work, and the pension fund thinks it is important to inform them at an early stage," the fund said in a release.

Horeca's move is the latest in an array of initiatives by Dutch pension funds to speak directly to young people.

The €11.1bn Spoorwegpensioenfonds (SPF) pension scheme for railway workers launched a campaign last year to raise pension awareness among 25 to 35-year-olds.

The campaign, fronted by Dutch radio celebrity DJ Ruud de Wild, was set up in collaboration with ABP, PGGM, Cordares, Mn Services and industry-wide scheme for the metalworking and mechanical engineering sector, Metaal en Techniek.