IRELAND - The Irish Association of Pension Funds (IAPF) has launched two new booklets on governance; one on trustee governance and the other on asset governance, for pension funds in the Irish market.

The guides outline the route to an acceptable governance model including legal, compliance, regulatory, investment, insurance, administration and actuarial issues.

Gerry Ryan, chairman of the IAPF, comments: "There are many working parts to a pension scheme and they all require careful consideration. The volatility that has been experienced in the last three years and the existence of corporate failings demonstrate the need to for a strong governance framework within pension schemes."

"As there are many aspects to governance it would seem that pension schemes in Ireland need to further develop their approach to a range of issues, including performance monitoring, measuring success and trustee training. These guides are intended to assist trustees and others involved in pensions schemes in managing this increasingly important and
complex area."

The Guides, which are e10 each (including p&p), are available from the IAPF offices at +353 1 661-2427.