The Rotman International Centre for Pensions Management (ICPM) has named Rob Bauer as executive director, replacing industry veteran Keith Ambachtsheer, who becomes director emeritus.

Bauer has been at ICPM since the organisation was founded by the University of Toronto in 2005 and is known for his research on pension and mutual funds, behavioural finance and socially responsible investing.

The Dutch national is also a professor at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics with a focus on institutional investments.

Ambachtsheer will step down as executive director into his role of director emeritus after his work in founding the ICPM.

The Canadian, who has been working in the pensions industry for more than 40 years, is also editor of the Rotman International Journal of Pensions Management.

Barbara Zvan, who remains chair of the ICPM board, praised Bauer for the wealth of knowledge he would bring to his new role with the institute.

“At ICPM, we will continue to face complex, challenging and transformative questions, and the search for answers will continue to make our journey captivating and richly rewarding,” she said.

“I look forward to working with the board and Rob as we aim to continue ICPM’s presence in pension plan management.”

Zvan described Ambachtsheer as a tenacious ambassador for the institute since its launch nine years ago.

“His commitment and hard work made ICPM what it is today, and I look forward to his ongoing contribution to ICPM as he remains actively involved,” she said.