UK- Insight Investment Management, the asset management arm of HBOS, has hired Takis Antastassopoulous from consultancy Quant Technology as senior portfolio manager on structured products and index funds.

The senior portfolio manager is going to work with index replication funds and derivative-based structured products and is part of Insight's substantial push into liability-led investing products for pension funds.

Antastassopoulos is the third recruit in six months joining Insight’s nine-month-old financial solutions unit headed by Andrew Giles. Last month Insight announced the appointment of Aon Consulting’s Alvar Chambers as specialist portfolio manager for liability-driven investments (LDI). He is due to start at Insight in August. In January Hewitt Bacon& Woodrow’s Joseph Hamilton was recruited for the development and management of liability-based solutions for pension funds. He joined Insight in February.

Commenting on the appointments, Giles said: “Insight is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the new challenges of a liability-driven approach to investment with a strong focus on risk management and alpha transfer.”

Abdallah Nauphal, chief investment officer, said: “Insight sees benchmarking assets against the specific liabilities that pension funds are obliged to pay as the necessary way forward.

“This prioritises the principal investment objective: the promises schemes make to their members while retaining the ability to add value."

Insight said that at the end of March it managed more than 71 billion pounds (108.1 billion euro) for institutional and retail clients