GLOBAL – Up to $300m (€237m) in fund of hedge funds is being tendered on IPE-Quest.

The search (QN635) is by the client’s Investment Advisory services, which has initiated a periodic review of their Fund of Hedge Fund (FoHF) managers. The aim is to establish a long-list of candidates, to whom they will send a full RFP questionnaire.

Outline of managers:

Independent company/entity specialised in managing hedge fund portfolios (FoHF), with assets under management close to, or in excess of $3bn.

- Experienced in the management of segregated accounts and institutional clients.
Stable company structure.
- Sizeable proportion of owner/staff net worth invested with company products and remuneration structure aligns with client interests.
Company activities are devoid from conflicts of interest and clients are made aware of any remaining and the way in which they are addressed.

- The company is not the object of any expected or pending lawsuits.

The brief aims to produce a yearly average return equivalent to 90-day-T.Bills +500 bps.

- Exposure to equity and bond market factors should be low and volatility within the 2%-5% range.

The search closes on Thursday 22 June 2006.