DENMARK/GERMANY - A Danish institutional investor is looking for a manager for an active equity mandate in excess of $50m (€37.1m).

Investment will be in Eastern European equities benchmarked against the MSCI Eastern Europe 10/40, although " products managed against other benchmarks will not be ruled out just on this basis", the fund states in search QN812.  The tracking error must be between 4% and 7%.

Managers must have a minimum track record of three years with the preferred track record being five years. They have to state performance to end of March 2007 gross of fees and have a minimum of assets under management for the mandate of $250m and $1bn for the firm.

The closing date is June 21.

Another Eastern European equity mandate is tendered by a German corporate treasury in search QN811 which closes on June 14.

$100m are to be invested in an active Eastern European equity mandate benchmarked against the DJ Stoxx EU Enlarged TMI.

"The investment universe should only consist of stocks of corporations headquartered in one of the countries being part of the benchmark," the investor stated.

Interested managers have to state performance to end of March 2007 gross of fees.