SWITZERLAND - A Swiss corporate pension fund is looking for  managers for one $50m (€34.4m) global equity mandate via IPE-Quest. (amends mandate size)

The fund is splitting the tender into three different briefs in order to be able to compare offers more easily.

One brief is for  active developed markets benchmarked against the MSCI World Gross with a tracking error of 1 - 6%.

The second brief is an enhanced mandate with the same benchmark and a tracking error of 0.5 - 3%.

The third brief is for divided strategies only with a tracking error of 1 - 8%.

"There will be complete restriction for investments in emerging markets," the investor states in searches QN872,  QN873, QN873.

Only funds are of interest, as segregated accounts will not be accepted, it added.

Interested managers should state performance to end-September net of fees. They have to have a minimum of $2bn in assets under management in the asset class and at least $3bn for the firm in total. For the third brief the minimum requirements are $1.5bn for the asset class and $2bn for the firm.

Preferred track record is 10 years but minimum is three years.

The searches close on November 19.