DENMARK - A Danish pension fund is looking to appoint an active core large/all cap Japan equities manager using IPE-QUEST (QN722).

The size of the mandate will be between $50m (€37.8m) and $100m.

The preferred benchmark is the MSCI Japan. Interested managers must have a tracking error between 4% and 10% and a preferred track record of five years, three years minimum.

Deadline for participation is March 7.

In search QN728 a Swiss institutional investor is looking for active emerging markets equity managers for a CHF200m (€125m) mandate.

The chosen benchmark is MSCI emerging markets with an average of 400 basis points outperformance per year over a cycle of four years.

The use of derivatives will be discussed. Tracking error must be between 5% and 15% (ex-post). No performance fee will be paid and a fixed all-in management fee is required.

Deadline for participation is March 9.