IPE QUEST - Danske Capital and a European pension fund and are looking to hire managers for global commodities and global emerging market equity mandates, using IPE Quest.

Danske Capital is hoping to award a $200m (€150m) global commodities mandate to an investment manager with at least four years of experience, but would prefer a company that has been trading since January 2004.

Both the company and the product should have at least $500m in assets under management.

While a benchmark has yet to be determined, managers are advised to take an enhanced fundamental approach.

Danske Capital said it would consider an investment product suitable for Nordic investors, such as a UCITS III fund.

Danske, which is the asset management branch of Danske Bank, further stressed that a transparent investment process should be in place, allowing for clarity on the sources of any returns, while a stable investment team with experience across all types of commodities is also important.

Parties interested in QN1129 should submit all applications by 8 October, stating performance gross of fees until the end of August and calculated in US dollars.

The second search, for a $150m global emerging markets equity mandate, is being conducted by an industry-wide pension fund located in continental Europe.

The pension fund asks that a core active approach be taken, using the MSCI emerging markets net index as a benchmark.

No companies with fewer than three years of experience will be considered, while any company applying should offer segregated accounts rather than carve-outs and manage at least $500m in emerging markets and $2bn in overall investments.

The scheme said: "We are looking for a research-driven asset manager with a fundamental, non-quantitative, long-term active investment philosophy."

Applicants interested in QN1130 should submit their performance until the end of August net of fees by 21 October.

The IPE.com news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information direct from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 7261 4630 or email jayna.vishram@ipe-quest.com.