NETHERLANDS - A Dutch industry-wide pension fund has placed two IPE-Quest searches, the first of which is for an active manager for a $125m (€85m) global emerging markets equity mandate.

The quest, QN879, states the active large cap global emerging markets equity mandate should be benchmarked against MSCI Emerging Markets net index, with tracking error guidelines of between 3% and 10%.

The fund states it is looking for a manager who has a minimum of $1bn in assets under management (AUM) for the asset class, and should have no less than $5bn in  total AUM.

Absolute minimum track record is set at three years, though the fund prefers a track record of at least five.

At the same time, the Dutch industry-wide pension fund said, in QN880, it was looking to tender a $100m commodities mandate.

"We are looking for an experienced manager to manage an active commodities mandate. Benchmark  will be the GSCI or GSCI equally-weighted index," the fund said.

The closing date for both searches is December 21.