NETHERLANDS – A Dutch pension fund has tendered three equity mandates totalling up to €150m via IPE-Quest.

The fund is going to award a Hong Kong equity large-cap core brief worth up to €25m, a Singapore equity large-cap core brief of the same value and a €100m Japan equity large-cap core brief.

The Hong Kong investment must be hedged against the MSCI Hong Kong. The successful candidate will have at least €250m in Hong Kong large-cap equities.

The Singapore mandate must be hedged against the MSCI Singapore. The fund requires at least €250m in Singapore large-cap equities.

For the Japanese mandate, the chosen benchmark is the MSCI Japan and managers must have at least €1bn in the asset class.

The style required for the three mandates is core with no style tilt and a tracking error greater than 3%.

The successful managers will have a track record of at least three years, although five years or longer would be preferred. Tenders must reach the fund by June 10. Managers who contact the fund directly will be excluded from the search.