CANADA - iNFiNi-t Wealth Management Advisers has tendered $1m in active Eastern European mid- and large-cap equities for a Canadian client via IPE-Quest.

The search (QN679) details:
Benchmark : none
Min. AUM for mandate : $500m
Min. AUM for firm : $2,500m
TE guidelines (Min Te) : 2.0%
TE guidelines (Max Te) : 10.0%
Absolute Min Track Record : 3 years
Preferred Min Track Record : 5 years
State Performance To : 30/09/2006
Performance Data should be supplied : Net of Fees

They are searching for a manager of Eastern European Equity with a minumum market capitalisation of USD250 million (which they regard, broadly, as mid/large cap).

They are looking for a manager with minimum AUM of $2,500 million, but they will  consider firms with AUM of down to $300 million within the asset class.

Products that can be accessed via a pooled vehicle will be accepted and the jurisdiction of the vehicle could be Canada or "off-shore" (Luxemburg, UK, Malta, etc). The tracking error requirements have been left deliberately wide in order to limit constraints.

The closing date is December 7.