GLOBAL – There are four new searches – for pharmaceutical equities, developed market debt, convertible and investment grade bonds and eurozone debt – on IPE-Quest.

The first (QN538) is for up to $50m in global pharmaceutical equities, and is being conducted by Lugano-based consultant Kieger for one of its clients.

Managers will need at least five years of relevant experience in MSCI world sector indexing. The closing date is November 14.

Next up is (QN539) for $100m and over in global developed markets debt, tendered by a Scandinavian life insurer.

It seeks a manager to produce excess return relative to benchmark reflecting an IR of approximately 0.5 per annum, while employing a maximum of 200 basis points tracking error per annum. The benchmark is the Lehman Brothers Global Aggregate and the closing date is November 18.

Next is (QN540), for a European insurance company has tendered up to $100m in convertible and investment grade bonds to be benchmarked against the Jeffries Convertible Bond Index or UB.

It has a target 50% equity sensitivity, and the interest rate sensitivity and currency are according to benchmark. The closing date is November 15.

QN544 is a search by a Dutch pension fund for up to $50m in eurozone debt. The client is looking for a bank loan manager with at least a 4 year proven track record in the Euro denominated bank loan market.

The closing date is November 18.