GLOBAL – Thirteen new searches worth more than a billion euros have gone live on IPE-Quest, IPE’s online mandate matching service, in the last few days.

"With 13 searches posted to the site in the past five days, November is already a record month for IPE-Quest,” said IPE director Tony Hay. “All eight of the investors behind these searches have used IPE-Quest in the past and have come back to use us again, in some cases on numerous occasions."

He added: "The timing is perfect. We have a new marketing manager, Peter Nejaim, joining IPE-Quest on November 9 whose job will be to take this success story around Europe and persuade more institutional investors of the benefits of using IPE-Quest."

The searches are being conducted by a wide range of different institutional investors such as pension funds, foundations, insurance companies, asset managers and consultants.

The asset classes are hedge fund of funds, global debt, Latin American equity, European large-cap equity, Asia all-cap equity, UK large-cap equity and US small-cap equity. The equity mandates include core, growth and value styles.

The investors are based in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK.