GLOBAL – A Middle Eastern investment company has re-tendered a global developed markets debt brief via IPE-Quest.

The search, originally run in the first quarter of 2006, is being re-run to increase the long list and get up-to-date performance data.

“If you replied to search QN585 and wish to submit an application form for the current search with your up to date data, you will be able to do so free of charge; once your form has been submitted, one credit will be refunded to your account.

“Our client is looking for a conservative fixed income product offering libor 2-3%, with an absolute return focus. It should offer low volatility and be diversified across fixed income assets globally.

“The manager should have a strong track record for this type of mandate. The client is not interested in SIVs. They also require at least monthly liquidity.”

The search closes on August 3 2006.