EUROPE – A European multi-manager has tendered seven requests for tender totalling $170m (€129.2m) via IPE-Quest.

The multi-manager has tendered an actively managed Asia ex Japan All -Cap Value equity mandate, worth an initial $30m.

The multi-manager is also going to appoint either a core or growth manager for actively managed Asia ex-Japan All Cap equity, worth an initial $30m

The benchmark for these mandates is the MSCI AC Asia Pacific free ex Japan index.

Another manager is required for an actively managed global emerging markets All-Cap equity mandate, worth about $30m. The selected benchmark is the MSCI GEM index

A further $30m Australian All-Cap equity mandate with the Australian All Ordinaries index has also been tendered.

Responses for all the above briefs are expected by January 17.

Fifty million dollars will be entrusted to either a core or growth manager for an actively managed Japanese All-Cap Equity mandate benchmarked against the Topix index. Responses must reach the multi-manager by January 28.

The multi-manager said it was looking in any case for non-benchmark driven, high alpha products. There are no restrictions regarding assets under management or minimum track record for any of the mandates.