EUROPE - A Scandinavian pension fund has put out a search for a global alpha asset manager, investing in a €100m concentrated core global portfolio.

Using IPE-Quest, the fund said the preferred benchmark is MSCI All-Country Standard Core (Net).

The search, QN894, stated there are no tracking error limitations, but the fund should invest in listed stocks.

The mandate must be managed on a segregated account and will be subject to the pension funds' ethical restrictions for investments.

The asset manager should have an absolute minimum track record of three years.

The closing date for the search is February 5.

Elsewhere, a continental European corporate pension fund has put out Quest QN897 for an equity long-only manager.

The benchmark for this mandate is the MSCI Pacific ex. Japan. This benchmark only consists of the developed markets in Pacific ex. Japan, being Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The maximum cash percentage is 5%, leverage is not allowed.

The closing date for this search is February 8.

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