GLOBAL - There are three new searches by European pension funds for euro zone debt, pan-European equities and currency alpha on the IPE-Quest system.

Search QN650 is being conducted by a Dutch pension fund for €40m-€60m in euro zone debt. Duration is two to three years maximum. However, money market managers may also respond. The portfolio may be a combination between government and investment grade corporate bonds.

Track record is not an absolute requirement. The preferred benchmark is the Euribor, although the client will accept products managed against other benchmarks.

Search QN653 is by a Scandinavian pension fund for $100m+ in pan-European all-cap core equities, benchmarked to MSCI Europe.

The mandate will be subject to the pension funds' ethical restrictions for investments; the manager is not allowed to invest in companies blacklisted by the fund.

And QN651 is being conducted by a pension fund in Denmark. This is for two €3m currency alpha briefs.

The closing dates are September 4, 6 and 11 respectively.