GLOBAL - There are two separate searches, covering large-cap core developed markets equities and US equities, now on IPE-Quest.

Search QN663 is being conducted by a global multi-manager with offices in Asia and Europe for $300m in equity large-cap core, developed markets.

Replies to this search will be received by the Asian office but the European operation will also invest into the mandate.

The firm offers its customers an active Global Equity product within its range of wholesale and retail portfolios and is seeking to replace the current manager. Managers wishing to reply to this search should offer a segregated account. The investor is specifically interested in Quant and bottom up products.

Search QN662 is for $100m in long only US equities, being conducted by Kirstein Finans for a Danish pension fund.

The target is to outperform the S&P500 irrespective of the style in the market. The guidelines for the mandate are:

* Actively managed product (tracking error of +4%)
* Large cap products are preferred, but the manager is allowed to periodically invest in small/mid caps
* The product should be style neutral over time, but style biases will be accepted (the manager is expected to adjust the portfolio to changing market conditions)
* Benchmark is S&P500 or other similar benchmarks (including MSCI North America)
* Long only
* No leverage is accepted

The closing date for both searches is October 11.